Excused Absence from School

If you need to excuse your child’s absence from school for one or more days, for example for a funeral or an official appointment, you must apply via Schoolfox. An excuse is only valid in case of illness.

  • For a single day, please consult with your child’s class teacher.
  • For two or three days, please consult with the head teacher.
  • For more than three days, you must apply to the Vienna Board of Education.
  • For more than five days, please use this form.

In Case of Illness

Dear Parents! From now on, please use Schoolfox, the electronic parent book, to notify the school about your child’s illness.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information (English)

Im Notfall zu verständigen (Deutsch)

U slucaju bolesti nesrece obavijestiti (Hrvatski)

Acil durumlarda asagidaki kisilere bilgi yerlecek (Türkce)

The emergency contact form is one of the most important pieces of information for the school. It allows us to contact parents or those designated by parents in case of an illness, accident, class cancellation, or other case of need.

Please make sure that your child’s class teacher always has an up-to-date telephone number on file. This information is necessary for your child’s safety.