Our Mission

Our school’s multicultural and multilingual diversity give it a special place in Vienna’s educational landscape and help enrich our community.

Through individualized and differentiated instruction, we support each child’s holistic development toward independence, creativity, and critical thinking. We want to contribute to each child’s living environment and, in so doing, nurture his or her natural curiosity for learning.

We foster social compentence and support solutions-oriented, non-violent forms of conflict resolution.

Projects involving multiple classes make our school community stronger.

The school administration supports respectful interaction between colleagues. As a team, we take the concerns of community members seriously and work to overcome them together.

We view ourselves as constantly learning. Ongoing professional development opportunities and the internal exchange of ideas enable us to deliver future-oriented, professional instruction.

We value and foster cooperation with parents and external organizations. Together, we will accompany our students on their way towards becoming independent, inquisitive, and responsible humans.