Spanish from Day One

What is Arco Iris?

  • Primary school education according to the Austrian curriculum
  • Spanish as a foreign language starting in the first grade

Goals and Content

  • Children get a sense of the Spanish language through various activities such as games, songs, celebrations, poems, and books.
  • Spanish is used as a means of communication in every day situations arising throughout the school day, including greeting, departing, giving instructions, commanding, requesting, and praising.
  • Students learn from and with their Spanish-speaking classmates.
  • Regular “Spanish ateliers” take place between classes several times per year.

Cultural Encounters

  • Using Spanish as an instructional language builds a bridge between cultures.
  • Exposure to an additional language in the early years supports childrens’ intellectual development. Children are more cognitively flexible and effective.
  • Students learn about fundamental aspects of Spanish culture through activity-oriented modes of working.
  • The native Spanish-speaking teacher plays an essential role, not only in the acquisition of language, but also as an “ambassador” of Spanish culture.


  • Integrated Spanish: In first through fourth grades, the class teacher leads short, daily Spanish language lessons. For two hours each week, a Spanish-speaking Native Speaker Teacher leads instruction.
  • Added English: Starting in Basic Level II (third and fourth grades), students receive additional English instruction in the amount of two hours per week.
  • Elective Hour of Spanish: Interested students from other classes can attend an elective Spanish hour in the afternoon.


  • Children with special interest in acquiring foreign languages and learning about foreign cultures
  • Good German languages skills
  • You can find more information about our enrollment procedures here.