Die Klasse 4C Besucht den Stadtrat für Klima

Last Autumn,  the 4C spent six weeks learning about the climate crisis as part of their general knowledge lessons. Students learned how the Earth is getting warmer, what is causing it, which human activities are putting greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, and what steps we can undertake to combat the changing climate. 

Among other activities, students kept a „climate journal“ where they ranked the energy consumption of home appliances and modes of transportation, took surveys of their own transport and recycling habits, made a „foodprint,“ and estimated the emissions of their clothing. As a final project, students wrote letters to Jürgen Czernohorszky, City Counsellor for Climate, Environment, Democracy, and Personnel, explaining what they had learned about the climate crisis and sharing their ideas about how to make our school more climate friendly.

On Tuesday, June 13th, 2023, the 4C visited Mr. Czernohorszky in his offices in the Vienna City Hall. Students again shared with Mr. Czernohorszky some of the things they had learned and their ideas for a climate-friendly school. Mr. Czernohorszky gave students a generous welcome and praised them for their knowledge and engagement, explained some of the work he does for the city, and promised to respond to their letters.

At the end, students enjoyed an ice cream – compliments of Mr. Czernohorszky – and took a ride on Vienna City Hall’s „Paternoster“ lift, a rare type of elevator made of a chain of open compartments, moving slowly in a lift through the building without stopping. It was an exciting visit, and we’re looking forward to Mr. Czernohorszky’s response!

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