3C Project Week at Pension Bodenhof in Wienerbruck

From May 8th – 12th, 2023, the 3C spent the week at Pension Bodenhof in Lower Austria. After we got back, students wrote and about their experiences and typed them up for the school blog. Enjoy!

Getting Ready for Project Week

On Saturday, I started packing. First, I decided which suitcase I should take. Then I put all my stuff   on the bed. After that, I put them in my suitcase.  I checked if I had everything. And I put the stuff in that I forgot. Then I packed my backpack.

            -by Theresa Wandschneider


The Journey to Wienerbruck

We met at the Westbahnhof. I was there 4th. Tilly came after me and we looked for the other ones. I sat alone in the train, but Tessi and Mia sat behind me. Then we ate something and waited 40 minutes. We went with a train called Himmelstreppe. In the Himmelstreppe I sat at a table with Stefi, Florentina and Elif. We read something and played. Katharina told us that Sabine was the keeper of the Bodenhof. Maxim sat with Ossi. The bus was very stinky, but I sat next to Stefi. It was very fun at the Bodenhof.

            -by Arianna Pirngruber


All About the Pension Bodenhof

On the Pension Bodenhof there were go-karts, a football pitch, a trampoline, and more cool things. There were two dogs. One dog’s name was Jacky, and the other dog’s name was Happy. Rabbits were also here. Horses were also here and a riding arena. Chickens were next to the trampoline. There were people named Sabine and Gerald. The house was big and had three floors. The Pension Bodenhof was on a hill named Joachimsberg. It was cool.

            -by Luca Horn


The Food at Pension Bodenhof

The food was good. I could choose between 3 dishes, like noodles with meat sauce or marmalade filled pancakes. Breakfast was very good. It was always the same. It was bread with meat and cheese or chocolate cereal. There always a desert buffet and if you were still hungry you could refill. I think they can cook better than my daddy. I liked their food a lot. For one road trip, we had bread. That was yummy. Greißauflauf was the best in my opinion. The food was very good!

            -by Oskar Wielscher


Spending Time with Animals at the Pension Bodenhof

At the Pension Bodenhof there were 15 cats, 2 ponies, 6 bunnies, about 15 -20 chickens, 6-8 horses, and 2 dogs. The ponies were called Mia and Annabel. There was a very shy bunny and we called her Anika. One of the dogs was called Happy (she was all black), and the other dog was called Jacky (she was all golden). I know the names of 3 cats. One of the names of the cats was Franz, one Lilly, and one Boomerang. I loved all of the animals. And the other 4 bunnies we called Schokopudding, Grampa, Cheeky, and Schoko. I called one of the chickens Dum Dum because he always jumped onto the edge of the trampoline.

            -by Stefania Fisher


The Playground at Pension Bodenhof

Pension Bodenhof had a big playground. It was about 100m big. They had trampoline, a goal, some go-carts, a swing, and a slide. Every day after going out, we came home and we always played. We mostly went to the trampoline and played football. We even played if it was raining. After that, we always got soaked. We always played about 2-3h per day! We never wanted to stop because it was so much fun. We loved the playground!

            -by Aiden Doyle-Ludl


Hiking in the Nature Park Ötscher-Tormäuer

On Monday, we went to the Ötschergräben next to the Pension Bodenhof. We walked past the reservoir. Then we went to a bridge where we crossed over. It looked like if you would step on it you would fall down. But then we walked even higher. We kept on walking over bridges. I didn´t really like it because they looked like I was going to fall down. It kept on getting higher and higher and higher, but I still was not scared. Then we came to a big rock where there was a bench next to it. We could have a short break where we could drink something.

            -by Florentina Wambacher-Polst


Learning about the Hydroelectric Power Plant Wienerbruck

We had a long walk. Then we came to Entdeckungreise Kraftwerk and had a look. We had a look, watched some videos, and got a book and a present, which was a pencil. After that, we threw rocks in the water. And we also ate some food. Katharina said we could go in the water, which was cold. It was very cold and almost everyone went inside. Later on almost everyone was petting Jacky. Then we walked on a bridge and Ossi would not stop shaking it. And in the end I almost fell down. Maxim got wet by the water. And we had a test about it.

            -by Ruth Omorodion


Making Room Posters and the Room Competition

In the first night, we started to make our posters with our roommates. I was in a room with Tilly and Sophia. Our name was “die coolen Saugraben.“ On our poster, we drew three pigs. We signed it too. That night David said,”You get stickers for your poster if you pay attention, be quiet in the house, and if your rooms are tidy.” My room got nine stickers. The room “Kaiserthron” got first place. My room got third place and so did the room “Bahnraum.“ And we all got sweets.

            -by Elif-Hifa Ceylan


Erlebniswelt Holzknechtland

With a gondola, we went up to the Erlebniswelt Holzknechtland. In a little house, we watched a movie about the Holzknechtland. We took a Quiz about the Holzknechtland. We also saw how
they worked. Then we also worked. We had to get little sticks over obstacles. I learnd much about „Holzknechte“ and trees. Then we went to a very big playground. There also was a trampoline. At last, we went to a train and traveled around the 2 lakes. Then we went back down (with a gondola).

            -by Jakob Weber


Riding horses at the Pension Bodenhof

On Tuesday afternoon, we played at the playground of Pension Bodenhof. Then Sabine and Johanna brought out the horses. Their names were Babsi and Tenderness, and they were both Haflinger. Arianna and Mia were first, and then everybody else who wanted could ride them. When it was my turn, I was very excited. I had never been on a horse, only on a donkey. I was riding on Tenderness. We went five rounds in the paddock. Then we had to say “Thank you” to our horses. It was very fun! The horses were very cute, it was pretty cool.

            -by Mathilde Friedman


Our Trip to the Pharmacy

On Wednesday, we went with the bus to Mariazell. We walked a little, and came to the Apotheke zur Gnadenmutter. When we came in, we were in a nice-smelling room filled with liquor. The pharmacist explained a little bit about the history of the pharmacy and some products like pine disinfectant and stomach drops. We went to the pharmacy lab, and there, a lady explained how to make the cream. We put essential oils in the cream, and mixed it, and then we transferred it into a container. Next, we went to the tea mixing room, and there we mixed the tea. The tea consisted of peppermint, strawberry blossom, cornflower, stinging nettle, dandelion, lavender, and some other teas. We went into another room with soaps and other stuff. Some of us smelled the soaps, and they smelled quite good. We walked a little bit to the bus station, and we came to the Pension Bodenhof quite quickly. It was very cool!

            -by Leo Lempl


Visiting the Church in Mariazell

Visiting the church in Mariazell was so nice. In the church, there were very old pictures of Jesus and his mom Maria. In the church, there were a lot of people in there and they were praying. There was also a candle grotto. When we were in the candle grotto it dark in there. We could also light candles in the candle grotto.

            -by Adam Harutyuntan


Buying Souvenirs and Gingerbread Cookies in Mariazell

On Wednesday morning, after we went to a church, we went to the center of Mariazell. Before we went on the project week, Katharina told us we were allowed to take 10€. In the center of Mariazell were some stands where you could buy souvenirs and gingerbread. Some kids still had about 4-5€. I bought ginger bread for my mom. It said “Dickes Bussi.” It was in a heart shape. By the gingerbread stand, Ruth asked us if Tilly and I could help her because she still had 10€ and didn’t know what to buy. When I got my gingerbread Katharina lent me 30 cents. It was cool when I could buy what I wanted. The project week was so cool.

            -by Sophia Mahrhofer


Learning about Healing Herbs and Making a Spread

We went on Wednesday to an organic farmer. We learned which flowers we can eat and which are poisonous. Martha told us that we are not allowed to go on some fields that belong to a farmer. To go on the field, we need to ask the farmer. Then we went in Martha´s garden and she showed us a flower that smelled like Coca-Cola Haribo. Then we went in her house and made some spread. Then we made a present for our moms. Martha showed us a baby cat and it was very cute. Then Martha’s kid came with his dog. We played with the dog the whole time. We also saw some turtles and held them in our hands. 

            -by Oscar Fazekas-Licht


Making a Campfire and Going on a Night Walk

On Wednesday we had a campfire. First, we sat around the fire and sang a song. Then we ate marshmallows and bread. Then we had a night walk. On the night walk was it very dark. Ossi was very scared. There were like 1000 trees. Then we ran up and I fell on my knee. We all had a lot of fun. After that everyone was tired.

         -by Maxim Solop


Heimat Museum and the Nature Museum      

The Heimat Museum was cool. The Nature Museum was even cooler. The Nature Museum had so much nature stuff, like trees, flowers, birds and bird sounds. The Heimat Museum was something I loved. The Jesus Christ cross was beautiful. There was so much to see, like the Jesus necklace.

            -by Stephen Pedico


Visiting The Naturepark Ötscgertormäuer

First, we went up the tower and saw the Pension. Next, we went down and the lady told us something about nature. Then we got into groups and needed to find different flowers. I was with Sophia and Florentina. We had a lot of fun. Then we needed to make posters with the flowers we collected. We drew first. Then we got a glue stick and glued it on the poster. We used a dandelion as a sun. We had a little lake out of blue markers. We had a lot of fun.

            -by Mia Hromatka-Reithofer


Packing Up and Travelling Back Home

On Friday we packed everything in our suitcase. After that we went down to eat breakfast. Then we went on the bus for 20 minutes to Laubenbachmühle. Some people felt sick on the bus. After that we got on the train to St. Pölten. Then we got off at St. Pölten and waited for 40 minutes. After that we had a lunch break. Then we got on the train to Westbahnhof. After that everyone went back home.

            -by Musa Kazmi 

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