Upcycling for Earth Day

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, students in the 1C still found a way to celebrate Earth Day this April 22nd. As part of their home learning, students read and did activities about using less electricity and water. They also learned about the different colored recycling bins in Vienna.

And, to help drive home the message that we should reuse things rather than throwing them away, many students did an upcycling project at home.

Theo made a fire truck out of an old cardboard box.

Naomi shows off her homemade hand puppet.

Rosalie poses with her broccoli sprouts and a recycled plastic bottle flower vase.

Anton’s fairy tale castle is made of toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper scraps, old broken up CDs, cookie foil packaging, egg cartons and corks!

Evelyn is now the proud owner of a basket, upcycled from magazine scraps.

Not to be left out, English Teacher David created Mila the Robot with his 3-year-old daughter Olivia. Mila is made out of egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, an ice cream box, a box of dishwasher tabs, and a few left-over circuit boards and transistors that we had lying around the house.

Even though we aren’t in school together, it was fun to do this project for the Earth!


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